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Featured Remote Engineering Jobs

  • Fastly logo

    Senior Front End Developer – Marketing Site

    USA Only
    4 weeks ago

    Senior Front End Developer – Marketing Site

    • Location: US (Remote)

    Fastly helps people stay better connected with the things they love. Fastly’s edge cloud platform enables customers to create great digital experiences quickly, securely, and reliably by processing, serving, and securing our customers’ applications as close to their end-users as possible at the edge of the Internet. The platform is designed to take advantage of the modern internet, to be programmable, and to support agile software development. Fastly’s customers include many of the world’s most prominent companies, including Vimeo, Pinterest, The New York Times, and GitHub.

    We’re building a more trustworthy Internet. Come join us.

    Senior Front End Developer – Marketing Site

    The web engineering team is responsible for the development and maintenance of all of Fastly’s public facing web properties. This includes some of our biggest, most impactful efforts like Fastly.com, developer.fastly.com, docs.fastly.com, and Fastly Labs. We are a fully distributed team looking for applicants who get excited about the prospect of building well crafted, highly available, performant, and responsive web experiences.

    What You’ll Do

    • Long-term maintenance of web sites
    • Adding new features to web sites
    • Develop new features from whiteboard through to production
    • Contribute ideas for iterative improvements to both code and culture

    What We’re Looking For

    • Strong CS fundamentals and extensive experience developing robust user experiences using React, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
    • Experience coaching and mentoring teammates
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • A keen eye for good design and copywriting
    • Experience with automated testing of JavaScript applications
    • Solid understanding of Git (and GitHub)
    • Understand the HTTP request/response cycle

    We value a variety of voices, so this is not a laundry list. It would be an added bonus if you have experience in ANY of these:

    • Experience working with distributed development teams
    • Experience with static site generators and headless CMS systems (we use Gatsby, Jekyll, and Contentful)
    • Experience with developing & maintaining design systems
    • Experience with Sketch or Figma
    • Experience with multilingual sites
    • Familiarity with Varnish (VCL)
    • Experience with Ruby

    Why Fastly?

    • We have a huge impact. Fastly is a small company with a big reach. Not only do our customers have a tremendous user base, but we also support a growing number of open source projects and initiatives. Outside of code, employees are encouraged to share causes close to their heart with others so we can help lend a supportive hand.
    • We love distributed teams. Fastly’s home-base is in San Francisco, but we have multiple offices and employees sprinkled around the globe. In fact, 50% of our employees work outside of SF! An international remote culture is in our DNA.
    • We care about you. Fastly works hard to create a positive environment for our employees, and we think your life outside of work is important too. We support our teams with great benefits like up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave, options for free medical/dental/vision plans, and an open vacation program that enables our folks to take the time they need to recharge (some benefits may vary by location).
    • We value diversity. Growing and maintaining our inclusive and diverse team matters to us. We are committed to being a company where our employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work and have the ability to be successful — every day.
    • We are passionate. Fastly is chock full of passionate people and we’re not one size fits all’. Fastly employs authors, pilots, skiers, parents (of humans and animals), makeup geeks, coffee connoisseurs, and more. We love employees for who they are and what they are passionate about.

    We’re always looking for humble, sharp, and creative folks to join the Fastly team. If you think you might be a fit, please apply!

    View Application
  • Packlane logo

    Software Engineer

    15 hours ago

    At Packlane, we help customers create custom packaging that can transform their businesses – and we need you to build the powerful tools and integrations that make it all possible. In fact, we’d be OK with you wearing a brightly colored superhero cape at your desk because you have visionary powers to see the future, lasers in your fingertips to weld together innovative solutions, and X-ray vision for detecting and eradicating bugs and inefficiencies.

    As the ideal candidate, you understand that inventive and stable software is essential to the continued prosperity of our business — and also result in web experiences more forceful than a locomotive.

    Consider Packlane a unique challenge - you’ll be working on systems that enable people with a range of design knowledge (from novices to experts) to create products that help them tell their business’s brand story. It’s a big job, but the engineer we’re looking for will be excited to work on a career-defining startup that’s pioneering new approaches to designing and manufacturing packaging. Join our team as a software engineer and put your super-skills to work for the forces of good.

    What You'll Do:

    • Ideate. Create. Innovate. Help our small (but ultra-productive!) team craft new and wonderful products both by building innovative elements and integrating solutions.
    • Craft the core of the web applications that power our business and pitch in on front-end development.
    • Build reliable systems in Elixir, Phoenix, and the BEAM ecosystem and integrate them with world-class applications driven by PHP, PostgreSQL, and more.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders, department heads, and consultants to design and implement the best business solutions possible.
    • Help chart our course to dramatically scale our business, while maintaining architectural simplicity, pervasive observability, readable code, and a happy and engaged development team.
    • Bend steel with your bare hands (optional).

    What You'll Love About Packlane:

    • Use the technologies you love - Packlane is an opportunity to cut your teeth on an exciting technology stack, including innovative development frameworks and cutting-edge functional languages.
    • We’re a small team - You’ll be one of few, which means you’ll have a real chance to make an impact. Expect (and hopefully enjoy!) a lot of control and influence over product decisions and prioritization, with significant engagement and input into business decision-making.
    • You’ll help build our future - We’ve got a lot of ambitious projects in the works, from re-building manufacturing infrastructure from the ground up, to implementing robust order management systems that orchestrate an intricate production flow, and you’ll be at the forefront of it all. We value creative thinking, bold decisions, and the courage to take ownership over solutions.
    • You'll be challenged to grow - If you are curious and willing to continue to learn and level-up, you'll be right at home on our team. We value diverse and growing skillsets as well as deep knowledge in specific areas of software development and engineering. We encourage exploration and growth, sharing your knowledge, and evolving our stack and implementation.
    • Flexibility - We’re a fully remote company, from Engineering through Customer Service. We’re proud of our remoteness and make sure to stay connected and interactive through Slack, Zoom, and other channels. Our core business spans the North American time zones from GMT-3 to GMT-7, so as long as your work schedule can overlap within those boundaries, we're good! We welcome applicants outside of the US / North America. We value work-life balance and work to find innovative solutions to meet peoples' needs.


    • 2+ years of experience in Elixir, Phoenix, and Ecto to build domain logic, web APIs, internal tools, or similar big projects in production. You have a couple of languages under your belt and aren't afraid of picking up new ones. Experience with PHP and Javascript is a plus.
    • Real-world experience in designing and evolving SQL schemas and writing code that manages relational data. You're confident working with production data, choosing indexing strategies for tables based on their access patterns, and deciding when and how to use data caching in memory, as a few examples.
    • A great understanding of web technologies, and how to optimize them so a website handles complex data with speed, robustness, and security. You don't break a sweat while debugging production issues with the help of logs and tracing.
    • You understand the value but also the cost of writing tests. We value high test coverage and, at the same time, we try to avoid being slowed down by tests that are too implementation-dependent when refactoring existing code.
    • An easy-to-work-with attitude, well-organized, and highly self-motivated.
    • Reliable. Accountable. Dependable. And all the other good -ables. You know what they are.
    • Great communication and collaboration skills.
    • Strong work ethic and a healthy obsession with learning new things.
    • Don’t see your strengths listed? Tell us about them! We want eager and gritty applicants :) not narrowly pigeon-holed engineers.

    Bonus Points

    • Pragmatic approaches to complex problems. Know when a hack is the right solution.
    • Expert at debugging and willing to jump into the fray.
    • Previous experience on remote teams.
    • Experience setting up and managing cloud resources in AWS or GCP

    Employment type

    • Employee or contract depending on location.
    • US applicants and International contractors who can overlap with North America time zones (minimum 2 hours overlap with PST) are welcome to apply.
  • Lullabot, Inc. logo

    Drupal Developer

    Lullabot, Inc.
    16 hours ago

    Lullabot is seeking a full-time Drupal Developer who will thrive as part of our innovative and supportive client services team. We are looking for someone who writes organized, well-documented code, strives to follow coding standards and implement best practices, and who succeeds when working collaboratively on a team with content strategists, designers, developers, project managers, project owners, and clients. 

    The successful candidate will have strong technical skills combined with the ability to be creative and compassionate. They'll be able to manage themselves in a 100% remote-work environment and will possess excellent communication habits in order to work well with other team members and clients. Equally important is an individual who can stand behind and support our Core Values.

    Lullabot is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to be a place where everyone, from any background, can do their best work and feel safe while doing so. We not only believe this is a core part of our Be Human value; it’s crucial to our Engineering Values as well. In recruiting for our team, we welcome the unique contributions that you can bring!

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Working in a collaborative development team, usually consisting of back-end and front-end engineers and a technical project manager
    • Writing and debugging back-end code for Drupal (including but not limited to):
      • Drupal’s key APIs
      • Custom module writing, converting, and editing for Drupal 7, 8, 9
    • Working with advanced Drupal 8 tools such as Drush, Composer, Configuration Management, Plugins, Services, etc.
    • Drupal 8 site-building tasks (including but not limited to):
      • Enabling and configuring modules
      • Settings, configurations, views, menus, view modes
    • Managing a local development environment and working with command line tools
    • Assisting as needed with content modeling and architecting solutions
    • Performing or assisting with QA
    • Attending scheduled stand-ups with project team to provide updates
    • Collaborating, planning, and completing development tasks
    • Peer reviewing co-worker and client code changes
    • Assisting with back-end performance assessments and improvements
    • Providing insight to help improve Drupal expertise of co-workers, contractors, and clients
    • Documenting and evaluating requests from clients
    • Setting priorities, expectations, and communicating with project manager and/or clients around project needs and task progress

    The ideal candidate will have the following attributes:

    • Professional code or other examples of systems you've designed or implemented relevant to enterprise CMS development.
    • Knowledge of Drupal coding best practices and security standards.
    • Used Git and Gitflow for version control in past professional roles
    • Experience with pull request and peer review workflow
    • Familiarity working within an agile workflow and project ticketing systems
    • Has a well-rounded understanding of Drupal-adjunct technologies such as the LAMP platform, and Drupal theming
    • Ability to plan, run, and write automated tests with tools such as PHPUnit or Nightwatch
    • Strong written and verbal professional communication skills
    • Has a professional, collaborative, and proactive approach to people and problems
    • The ability to use the following skills on a daily basis: friendliness, judgment, empowerment, respect, integrity, tact, and honesty
    • A discerning, critical mindset that avoids cynicism
    • Team player with proven ability to work well under pressure and within deadlines
    • Self-directed: able to work independently and within a virtual team, and consistently manage your own time and tasks 
    • A desire for a healthy work/life balance: though additional work may sometimes be necessary, we plan for a 40 hour work week

    Bonus points for:

    • Ability to write JavaScript and non-Drupal code
    • DevOps knowledge
    • Knowledge of Docker-based local development environments
    • Familiarity with accessibility best-practices
    • Familiarity with developer tools available in modern browsers
    • Familiarity with managed hosting services and deployment tools
    • Been an active member of an open-source web community
    • Worked with large teams, 5+ people, on large projects from start to finish

    Physical Requirements

    • Must have a reliable internet connection and a willingness to work from home (or anywhere) in a distributed fashion.
    • Must be able to use a computer for up to 8 hours per day
    • Must be able to travel 2-3 times per year in the United States for client on-sites and company events. Travel will be limited initially due to Covid-19 considerations.

    Education & Experience

    Two or more years enterprise-level Drupal development experience or equivalent relevant experience required. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology is a bonus.


    We're looking for a full-time (40 hours per week) employee or contractor. Employees must be based in either the United States or Canada. We have the ability to work with contractors between the GMT +02 (Spain) and GMT -08 (US-West Coast) time zones.

    Salary Range

    $70,000-102,500 USD annually, pay will be commensurate with experience.

    How to Apply

    Submit your resume, cover letter, and code samples through our website

    This position is open until filled. We are interviewing for multiple positions to start in mid-May.

    About Lullabot

    Chances are good that working for Lullabot will be like nothing you've ever done before. Lullabot has been a leader in Drupal web development since our founding in 2006. We’re a distributed company without a central office, and our team is spread out across the U.S., Canada, South America, and Europe. We are masters of communication and our tightly-knit team works very closely despite geographical separation. In fact, most new employees say they feel more connected to their co-workers at Lullabot than they ever did at a conventional co-located company.

    Lullabot is a 100% employee-owned ESOP, and the majority of our team are full-time employee-owners. We provide a great benefits package including health, vision, dental, and life insurance; a retirement plan; a generous tech stipend for employees to purchase computers, cell phones, or other work-related expenses; and an annual professional development budget. We offer new employees 15 paid days off per year, 20 paid days off per year after your two-year anniversary, and 25 paid days off after your seven-year anniversary. In addition, we offer a four-week paid Sabbatical once an employee hits 10 years with Lullabot. (Plus holidays!) And did we mention there's no commute? Your time is flexible as well, so if you need to take a break to pick the kids up from school, it's not a problem.

    We have flexible hours, but we tend to schedule meetings during the North American workday and expect employees to be online and available during most of this time. Self-direction, an approachable and confident attitude, and a focus on quality over quantity are some of the things we look for. We work from both the head and the heart and guide our decisions by our Core Values.

    One more thing…

    We strive to be transparent about our timeline and welcome you to reach out to Human Resources at hr@lullabot.com to touch base on your application at any time. 

    Lullabot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment based on race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family or parental status, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. Our EEO policy applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, promotions, discipline, terminations, wage and salary administration, benefits, and training.  

    Applicants who require reasonable accommodation to complete the application and/or interview process should notify Human Resources at hr@lullabot.com.

  • Dreamcatcher Solutions  logo

    Mid & Sr. .NET Developer

    Dreamcatcher Solutions
    USA Only
    18 hours ago

    My client is looking for a Mid & Sr.  Back-End .NET Developer who can handle a fast, scalable, problem solving software environment. You will be solving problems of scale and flexibility that most engineers never see, building a product capable of serving our customers in very unique ways.   Your scope extends from the high-performance data layer to complex business layer. This position requires the mental agility to jump from the deep code-level view to big picture view and back into code view. You will design and develop systems that let our customers run millions of transactions daily. The design decisions and judgment calls you make will impact millions of indirect customers in North American and US territories.What you will be doing? Create designs, code, tests in-line with approved architecture and engineering processes and best practices.Manage availability, latency, scalability by engineering reliability into software and systemsReview and influence ongoing design, architecture, standards and methods for engineering services and systems.Identify and resolve production issues as neededRespond to and resolve emergent problems; write software and build automation to prevent problem recurrenceMentor junior software engineersMust have skills: (MUST be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder)MS in Computer Science or related field/degree plus 4+ years of relevant experienceOR BS plus 6+ years of relevant experience- .NET Framework, C#, Visual Studio, building high-performance SQL Server database applications using ADO.NET or Entity Framework or nHibernate WWF and AOP experience.Experience building high-volume and critical production service environmentFluency in C#; and core .Net features Technical expertise in building and tuning multi-threaded high performance .NET applications.Strong server side development skills designing and developing high traffic applications in a fast paced environmentExperience with agile development and scrum methodologiesMust have working knowledge and experience of Entity Framework or nHibernateMust have working experience with features in .Net 4.0 such as LINQ, and TPL

  • ShipHero logo

    DevOps Engineer

    19 hours ago

    Hello, we are ShipHero (https://shiphero.com). We have built a software platform entrusted by hundreds of ecommerce companies large and small to run their operations. Many of our customers sell on Shopify and/or Amazon. We’re driven to help our customers grow their businesses by providing a platform that solves complex problems and is engineered to be reliable and fast. We strive to build great technology that is beautiful and easy to use. Our culture also reflects our ethos and belief that by bringing empathetic, talented and great people together – you can do great things.

    Our team is remote with most of our engineers currently spread over the Americas. We communicate regularly using video chat and Slack, and put a strong emphasis on asynchronous work so people have large chunks of uninterrupted time to focus and do deep work.

    We are seeking an experienced DevOps Engineer to join our growing team. We are looking for someone with a recent track record of building and maintaining complex infrastructure within AWS (Amazon Web Services). You would be a fundamental member of the team focusing on building a solid foundation for the platform. We seek people who are excited and driven to continue growing with the experience of working with talented engineers and helping others improve.

    About You

    You understand that great things are accomplished when people and teams work together.

    You feel comfortable owning processes and tools for deploying to production and scaling.

    You understand modern web architectures and tiers.

    You have a solid understanding of security best practices.

    You take pride in your craft.

    You have made (a lot of) mistakes and most importantly have learned from them.

    You are comfortable and even enjoy mentoring others in different skillsets.

    You have worked on medium and large projects that have gone to production and lived there for a while.

    Tech Knowledge

    We are looking for 3+ years experience with:

    * AWS (Amazon Web Services) – Beanstalk, ECS, DynamoDB, SQS (Simple Queue Service), RDS, S3

    * Python (preferably 3.6+)

    * Terraform including authoring modules

    * Linux (Amazon Linux 1/2 and Ubuntu 18.04)

    * Git version control (we use Github)

    * CI/CD automation (we use AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline)

    Bonus Tech Knowledge (Nice to have but not required)

    * Docker and building images including multi-stage with secrets

    * Elasticsearch

    * AWS Organizations and multi-region / multi-account

    The Role

    Hands-on configuration, setup & maintaining our staging and production environments.

    Collaborate with engineers on monitoring & debugging solutions.

    Be part of on-call support.

    Automate yourself and others out of common tasks.

    Ability to estimate effort and ship on agreed schedule. Comfortable pushing yourself and your team members when challenges pop up.

    Learn and push those around you to do the same – this is a craft that you’re constantly improving upon.

    Implement solutions that are pragmatic to get the platform built.

    Have the confidence to work with experienced and talented people to build great things; you are not a “rock star” but a team player that takes initiative.

    The Perks

    $2.500 so you can buy any equipment you need to be happy at your job

    20 days paid vacation + New Year & Christmas

    Conference days don’t count against your vacation days, we want you to stay up-to-date

    We will pay for courses & conferences; if you learn we all learn

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Featured Remote Design Jobs

  • Archipelago logo

    Senior Product Designer

    USA Only
    20 hours ago

    As a Senior Product Designer, you will work on building out our core product — with a focus on customer engagement, onboarding, and automation. You’ll work closely with our product and research team to understand how to scale our business, utilizing machine learning and automation to reduce tasks, improve people processes and more.


    The ideal designer will be comfortable executing their own process, and helping us define our design culture. We ideally are looking for someone with 3+ years experience designing SaaS products, as well as someone with clear communication and a passion for understanding complex problems.

    Some of the responsibilities will include: 

    • Ideation and prototyping of user interactions from start to finish using wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, user flows, and microinteractions either in software or via the web.
    • Implementing strict polish on visual design
    • Finding creative solutions to display complex data-sets
    • Designing for things at scale
    • User research and testing
    • Understand product strategy and aligning our development to market fit
    • Brand development

    You’ll have a significant impact, since the product is in its early stages. You’ll have a full team to support you, from research and project planning through development and iteration.

    We’re headquartered in San Francisco, and have raised several million in seed money to date. You can work remote or from our office in SF, though we’re only considering US-based applicants at this time.


    • We’re a supportive team who will give you as much assistance or independence as you like
    • Competitive salary, full health benefits, and flexible vacation policy
    • Semiannual summits with the global team, virtual for now, in person once it’s safe! (previously Singapore, California wine country, and Utrecht)
    View Application
  • Expero logo

    Senior UX Designer

    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Senior UX Designer

    • REMOTE
    • Full time

    Our Mission

    We bring challenging product ideas to reality. Expero builds software exclusively for domain-experts like scientists, traders, engineers, and other sophisticated users. We innovate to build products that other people say can’t be done and treasure the opportunity to work with people pushing the boundaries of their domain.

    We’re seeking people who share our enthusiasm for tackling tough, complex problems to join our team. If you enjoy working on challenging ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

    Our Senior UX Role

    User experience designers are key members of our multi-discipline product teams. As a senior member of a product team, you will drive the vision and design of the user experience from conception through release. You will interact closely with clients, users, product managers, user researchers, architects, developers and other experts. Our designers wear many important hats that can include assisting with requirements discovery, testing design ideas with users, visual design, prototyping and depending on your experience level Virtual CDO. There is abundant opportunity to flex your design chops through traditional click-through prototypes (e.g., Invision, etc.) or for the more technically inclined data-driven prototypes along side our data scientists and graph data specialists.

    The Work

    If you enjoy a challenge buckle up! We’re working on products in some of the most cutting edge fields of UX including machine learning, data science, data visualization, conversational UIs, large screen touch and of course mobile and responsive web apps. Our work brings opportunity to always discover something new building products across a multitude of industries including Biotech, Fintech, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Semiconductor, Cloud Computing, Transportation, Construction, Gaming and Government.


    • Design user experiences from the ground up for new products or improve existing products
    • Create consistent, scalable design systems based on design patterns and UI frameworks.
    • Prototype design ideas in low and high fidelity
    • Collaborate with User Researchers, Developers, Product Managers and other Designers
    • Present designs and other UX-related topics to clients and stakeholders
    • Incorporate feedback from user testing and stakeholders into designs
    • Participate in Agile product development process as a member of a multi-discipline team
    • Occasional travel (NOTE: Right now all work is remote due to pandemic)
    • Must be able to work in the United States for the foreseeable future


    • Minimum of 5 years professional experience delivering user experiences for software
    • Demonstrated success in delivering high-quality user experiences for complex, data-rich software applications.
    • Depth and experience in using Sketch, Figma, Invision, Axure or other tools for prototyping.
    • Experience with HTML, CSS, JS a plus
    • Experience as part of an Agile team a plus
    • Experience with data visualization a plus
    • BS/MS In Human-Computer Interaction or Design-related field preferred. Any candidate with the right experience will be considered.
    • Residing in AUSTIN or HOUSTON a plus, candidates in other locations will also be considered.


    We get better work done for our clients when all our employees are paid well and have excellent benefits, including group health, dental, and life insurance, family leave, and a retirement plan. So that’s the way we do it.

    Expero is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. Our focus is solving challenging problems, not where you came from or how you live your life. We are an E-Verify workplace.


    As part of your submission, we’d like to see recent work examples. If you can’t share your work no problem, some of our best projects can’t be shared either. We will provide a take home design exercise for you to complete.

  • HashiCorp logo

    Senior Graphic Designer, Brand and Communications

    23 hours ago

    Sr. Graphic Designer, Brand and Communications

    • Location: US or Canada (Remote)

    HashiCorp is a fast-growing startup that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. We build products that give organizations a consistent way to manage their move to cloud-based IT infrastructures for running their applications. Our products enable companies large and small to mix and match AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other clouds and on-premises environments, easing their ability to deliver new applications for their business.

    We’re designing tools and infrastructure to help our users start, run, and scale an online business from anywhere in the world. That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a Graphic Designer for the Brand and Communications Design team.

    About the role:

    The Brand and Communications Design team at HashiCorp is comprised of multi-disciplinary, highly talented designers. Our primary focus is to create, define, and manage HashiCorp’s visual brand identity and to collaborate with stakeholders, vendors, and co-workers to produce effective, high-quality materials or experiences.

    In your cover letter, please include a link to your online portfolio, your resume or LinkedIn profile, and 1-2 paragraphs about your favorite project from any of your work or personal experiences, plus a few words to describe why HashiCorp is interesting to you.

    We’re looking for someone with:

    • A passion for design as a storytelling medium, demonstrable through a portfolio of marketing campaigns, design projects, engaging AV projects, or anything else—show us what you’ve got!
    • Strong understanding of the fundamental principles or design – including composition, typography, emphasis, contrast, balance and alignment, pacing, and proportion.
    • 5+ years of relevant print, spacial, and audiovisual design experience, preferably at a tech-forward, product-driven company or agency.
    • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, Keynote, Figma or similar web/digital design tools, and After Effects. 3D modeling skills are a plus (SketchUp, AutoCad).
    • Proficient experience designing for print, working with CMYK and Pantone colors, and has an understanding of printing with a variety of materials.

    In this role you can expect to:

    • Collaborate with project owners, creative peers, and vendors to deliver effective designs that deliver positive results towards company goals.
    • Synthesize broadly scoped, loose concepts, into easily understandable deliverables.
    • Bring the brand, marketing campaigns, and event themes to life through engaging graphic and motion design.
    • Responsible for spatial and print design for internal and cultural events, industry trade shows, and large external brand experiences.
    • Work closely with the Experiential Marketing Team on attendee experience and spatial design such as floor planning, wayfinding, print signage, decor, lighting design, music, and branding.
    • Help foster a culture of design excellence, setting a consistently high bar for execution and delivery of highly engaging experiences across all customer touchpoints.
    • Work within and help enforce the visual language and design patterns of HashiCorp’s brand.
    • Help foster an environment of collaboration and cohesion between design and marketing teams.
    • Be agile and contribute wherever needed.
    • Use project management tools to effectively communicate the status, needs, roadblocks etc. of a given design project.

    You may be a good addition to the team if you have:

    • An ability to reduce complex communication challenges into pithy stories, delivered through thoughtful print or interaction design.
    • Experience designing across various mediums such as print, digital, event and AV graphics, and presentations.
    • Laser-focus on pushing your work until every detail is covered.
    • An ability to explain your work, process, and decisions to cross-functional stakeholders and crave feedback to help you produce your best work.
    • A systems-perspective, and are able to extrapolate and extend shared patterns and behaviors.
    • Experience applying those systems to design-system-driven applications—and moreover, know how to balance maintainability with adaptability.
    • A love for working with other designers to reinforce a culture of mutual learning and growth.
    • Experience working on a remote, cross-functional design team

    Attributes we look for:

    • Empathy for end-users and consumers
    • Humility and a learning mindset
    • Listening to understand
    • Explain complex ideas simply
    • Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills
    • Reflective
    • Responsible and takes ownership over work

    HashiCorp embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our company will be.



  • Cayuse logo

    User Experience Designer

    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Title: UX Designer

    • Location: United States
    • Remote

    60% of top research organizations trust Cayuse to help them modernize their research administration systems. Cayuse develops SaaS solutions that simplify the business of research administration, helping universities, and research organizations work smarter.

    Cayuse empowers globally connected research that reimagines collaboration and drivessocietal progress. Our platform uniquely addresses the entire hierarchy of research challenges: minimizing risk, driving efficiency, optimizing planning, and enabling world-class, data-driven research management.

    Over the past 2 decades, we’ve been on a journey to empower globally connected research. Cayuse has a strong backbone of customer- and employee- focused values that lead to a great working environment, and deliver on our mission: Empower organizations to conduct globally connected research and sponsored projects, advancing their impact on science, discovery, and society.

    • Department: Product Management
    • Job Type: Full-time


    The exciting world of scientific research is fueled by people with a passion for solving complex problems. Cayuse develops SaaS solutions that simplify the business of research administration, helping universities, and research organizations work smarter.

    We’re looking for inspired, talented professionals to help us with our ambitious growth plans. Cayuse has a strong backbone of customer and employee focused values that lead to a great working environment. With a strong financial foundation and several new products under development, it’s an exciting time to become a key member of our growing team.

    User Experience Designer

    User Experience Designers are responsible for creating and communicating design decisions across all Cayuse products. Their focus covers usability, consistency, accessibility, and a deep understanding of end-users. This is done through iterative processes of user research, design, testing, analysis, iteration, communication, and collaboration.

    40% Software Design

    • Design UI features, patterns, and workflows utilizing a user-centered approach. Find design solutions that: support ease of use; bring clarity to complex workflows; reduce training time for end-users; and are tailored to respond to users’ priorities and pain points.
    • Deliver design assets including interactive prototypes and development-ready UI specifications.
    • Work with UX, Product, and Engineering teams throughout the development cycle to define, document, and communicate feature requirements. Work with Engineering teams to optimize interactions and design elements in the UI during development, and to release consistent and easy to use features.
    • Develop resources for understanding and communicating about the products. These could include: workflow diagrams, site maps, slide decks, and external demos.

    30% Maintain Standards and Compliance

    • Assist in writing and maintaining UX documentation including pattern libraries and style guides.
    • Work with Engineers to identify and maintain internal best practices in FE development.
    • Understand WCAG accessibility requirements and work with Product, Engineering, QA, and other teams to deliver software that’s accessible to everybody.

    20% User Validation

    • Conduct usability testing at the feature level: plan, recruit, and run testing sessions; evaluate and document results; and iterate designs based on findings.
    • Perform user research including internal and external interviews, user focus groups, and staying current with customers’ professional proceedings and policy landscape.

    10% Information Architect

    • Create and maintain effective information architecture that effectively supports intuitive navigation and information retrieval for a range of user types within complex software systems.


    • Two or more years of user experience design experience for enterprise software or web applications which leverage emergent technologies.
    • Two or more years conducting generative and evaluative UX research.
    • Strong working knowledge of design and prototyping software such as Figma, Sketch, Axure, or Zeplin.
    • A defined personal approach to design – such as User Centered Design, Human Computer Interaction, or Design Thinking – and an ability to articulate the rationale for design decisions.
    • Strong written, verbal, and visual communication skills.
    • Great attention to detail, conceptual thinking, and adaptability.
    • Able to work well independently and with teams.


    • Strong working knowledge of graphic design, and familiarity with Adobe Suite.
    • Strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Experience designing for frontend frameworks like React or AngularJS.
    • Experience with Agile methodology.
    • Ability to deliver designs that scale and segment elegantly – designs which can be released incrementally, repeated across features, and resized based on product needs.
    • Experience with responsive design and designing for mobile.
    • Experience designing for accessibility.
    • Experience writing and maintaining design documentation, and a strategic approach to change management in design.
    • Experience with service design and systems thinking.
    • Experience in academic administration, research administration, or on a research team.

    Some key details

    • This position will report to our Director of Product Management.
    • Travel to customer on-sites and industry conferences as needed (3%).
    • Must be able to remain in a stationary position for up to 50% of the time.
    • This is a security sensitive position and requires a background check and will need to adhere to the Cayuses Information Security Management System.
  • Carrot, LLC logo

    Junior Visual Designer

    Carrot, LLC
    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Junior Visual Designer

    • REMOTE
    • Product
    • Full time

    YOU: A creative designer with a passion for creating & maintaining the visual language that constitutes the Carrot Brand!

    US: Rural. Remote. Bootstrapped. SaaS. Profitable. 3x Inc. 5000 list. Carrot.com.

    Carrot is a fast-growing SaaS company that helps small businesses, in particular, real estate investors and high-performing real estate agents, cut through the clutter online to grow leads and revenue with our lead gen and content marketing tools. That’s what we do… that’s what we challenge ourselves to be the best in the world at. But our “why” is what truly excites us every single day we show up to work.

    OUR WHY:

    “To Add Humanity To Business and Help People Regain Time In Their Lives For The Things That Matter.”

    6 years, 3 Inc. 5000 awards, 38 full-time team members, ZERO funding, and 8,000+ customers and counting… we discovered that the simple idea AND “small niche market” were both bigger than we thought and we’re eyeing our next challenge ahead to impact tens of thousands more small businesses in real estate and beyond.

    That’s where you come in. We want to be a feather in your cap. We want to help YOU have a huge win under your belt for this next phase of your career and to always say, “I’m a part of building something special”.

    More About The Role

    As a Junior Visual Designer at Carrot, you will spend 50% on marketing design and 50% on UX Design. Marketing Design work will include graphics creation for social media campaigns, email campaigns, event and webinar graphics and other marketing collateral. UX Design work will include participating in user research, prototyping, assisting with high fidelity comps and working hands-on with the Product Team to assist with Design System maintenance, product illustration and other UX-related design and research tasks.


    • 2+ years of Visual, Graphic, or UI/UX design
    • Strong portfolio of updated and relevant work
    • Strong knowledge of Gestalt design principles, ability to recognize design challenges and formulate creative solutions
    • Sensitivity to composition, negative space, and typography
    • Understanding of user-centered design and UX principles
    • Creation of user interface across screen resolutions
    • Experience with component-based design systems (Figma, Sketch)
    • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
    • Comfortable with online collaboration tools such as Slack and G Suite.
    • Must be able to work effectively with others in a remote team environment but also work independently with limited supervision.
    • Strong oral and written communication skills.
    • Some experience with WordPress is preferred.

    Goals & Responsibilities

    • Assist with maintaining and adding to the Carrot Brand Standards Guide.
    • Create marketing collateral such as banners, ads, social media artwork, and web page mocks that are consistent with current Brand specifications.
    • Create Product illustrations and iconography that are consistent with the current Brand.
    • Assist with feature iterations using sketches, wireframes, prototypes, or high-fidelity mock-ups.
    • Assist with UX Research including compiling user data, reviewing interview and survey results, and assisting with report creation.
    • Assist in maintaining an overall product design vision.
    • Be open to innovating and learning new and better approaches to the creative process.
    • Empathize with users and be attuned to the voice of the customer.
    • Video editing and SVG animation experience a plus!

    Working At Carrot

    Our Members Come First

    We love helping our members generate leads and close deals. Making an impact on their lives fires us up! We share customer success stories daily.

    We Love Innovation

    We love being on the cutting edge of technology and performance. If it helps our members generate leads we want to test & deploy it.

    Leave A Legacy

    We take our brand VERY SERIOUSLY. You will see orange everything when you join Carrot. We are passionate about positively affecting our communities & we aim to empower our team to make an impact.

    We Love To Have Fun

    Our culture is laid back and fun. We are a group of like-minded individuals all trying to achieve a common goal. Carrot isn’t all serious work and making our members achieve their dreams. We’ve gotten really good at remote life because we’ve been doing it since before it got cool. Carrot has a tradition twice per year of flying everyone from all corners of everywhere to meet each other, work on some ideas, and just be human together. And the rest of the time we’re always inventing new ways to enjoy our time online, whether it’s virtual recess, happy hours, company hangs, or trivia contests. It may sound cliché but Carrot is one of those places that actually has a great company culture.

    Fully Remote & Flexible

    We have Carrot team members all across the USA and offer a fully remote work environment that’s focused on a healthy work-life balance.


    This position will pay a very competitive salary along with other attractive benefits:

    • Paid vacation time.
    • Paid holidays.
    • $500 per year to contribute toward a charity you’re passionate about.
    • Growth Perks:
      • Free Books: Want to read a book that’ll help you grow personally or professionally? Awesome, we’ll buy it for you!
      • Courses & Seminars: If you find resources that will help you improve your skills in life/business, we’ll cover all or part of the cost.
      • Gym/Home Workout Equipment Stipend: Physical & mental health is a big deal, so we’ll pick up the tab of your monthly gym membership or help you set up your home gym (up to $60/month).
    • Performance Bonuses: From time to time when the team crushes it, we all get rewarded. These aren’t scheduled bonuses, but we find that our team members are pleasantly surprised by these!
    • Medical, dental, vision, & life insurance: 75% paid for.
    • 401k Plan with 3% match for US residents
    • The chance to learn things in a way you’d never be able to learn in a large organization!
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Featured Remote Product Jobs

  • Smile.io logo

    Senior Product Marketer

    21 hours ago

    Smile.io is the world’s largest loyalty platform, providing easy-to-use reward programs that help scaling e-commerce brands transform one-time sales into repeat, loyal customers. Over 60,000 brands use Smile to turn transactional purchasers into passionate repeat shoppers.

    We’re celebrating explosive growth and need your help empowering every entrepreneur to grow their brand and build lasting relationships with their customers. We are a remote-first company, and we believe you should be able to work from anywhere. We have team members working from home offices across the globe, and our team has never been more connected. Tell us where you'd like to work when you apply!

    About the Product Team:

    As a Senior Product Marketer, you’ll play an integral role in the product team as a key contributor across our cross-functional, autonomous product squads. Together, we identify significant market opportunities and develop strategies to unlock as much value as we possibly can for our users. We’re always looking to develop a clearer picture of our place in the market, the differentiated value we can offer, and where we’re headed. We strive to communicate these to our growing user base as well. 

    About the Role:

    You are passionate about small businesses and e-commerce, and you value being a part of the team that builds exceptional products that help entrepreneurs. You will build the product marketing function from the ground up, working cross-functionally to bring the voice of our users into product development, awareness, and adoption. Smile is a fast-growing scale-up; our ideal candidate has been a key part of hyper-growth teams in the past.

    What you'll help us achieve:

    • Define and own Smile’s product positioning and messaging and lead go-to-market strategy and execution.
    • Drive competitive analysis and differentiation initiatives
    • Foster ongoing collaboration across teams to create and execute strategic programs that increase adoption, retention, and usage throughout the product life cycle.
    • Cultivate ongoing merchant insights to inform product and marketing strategy.
    • Create compelling in-product marketing strategies that drive key user engagement and monetization metrics such as free-to-paid conversion
    • Contribute to an experiment-driven approach that helps us find important new tactics for driving our KPIs

    Who you are:

    • You have at least 5+ years of experience in high-growth, platform-driven environments/ecosystems.
    • A master communicator with strong user empathy and excellent written and verbal communications skills. You can take complex subjects and translate them into everyday language.
    • Entrepreneurial and collaborative by nature, you are effective at diligently working across teams to deliver results. You’re also comfortable with collaboration tools and a distributed workforce.
    • Data-oriented and relentlessly focused/organized; you’re able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.
    • A marketer with a strong email marketing background
    • Passionate about helping as many entrepreneurs as possible!

    Bonus if you have:

    • Global experience, either in a multi-national product organization, in markets other than North America, or with teams distributed across the world.
    • Hands-on entrepreneurial experience.
    • Both B2B and B2C marketing experience.

    Who are we?

    Everyone at Smile is driven by these core values:

    Be Humble - think of the team before thinking of yourself. We have no room for massive egos.

    Be Hungry - set hard goals, ask lots of questions and learn every day.

    Be Human - show empathy towards others, consider the impact of your decisions on other teams.

    We know that Smile.io as a business is in constant evolution - the same is true of our people. We’re here to support each other in our growth, so we talk openly about our career & personal goals. With such a diverse team of people, we know we can offer you the mentorship, tools and encouragement you need to grow.

    View Application
  • Bitfinex logo

    Mobile App Product Manager

    23 hours ago

    Mobile App Product Manager (Remote)

    Job description

    Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. We’re on a mission to create the most innovative cryptocurrencies exchange. This is a unique opportunity, a rare window of time at the tipping point of the financial evolution. Much like the early days of the internet, blockchain technology faces complex new challenges and having the best team plays a pivotal role in success.

    Our team is fully remote and globally distributed to capture the best talent from around the world. So far our company has grown fast and stayed lean to secure its place as a leader in the space.

    As a Mobile App Product Manager you will work with Product and Project managers and with members of the Engineering, Design, Marketing and Legal teams to formulate and execute our business and product strategies across the Bitfinex Mobile App.

    You will focus on delivering Bitfinex’s industry leading professional exchange trading technology through our mobile app. To do so you will need to develop a deep understanding of our trading platform, customers, the market, our competitors and the wider cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole, and collaborate with world-class engineering, marketing, legal and design teams to deliver industry-leading technologies that help us meet the company’s high level business goals. Specifically you will:

    • Understand Bitfinex’s professional trader user base and their requirements to continue the development of a mobile app experience that fully recreates all web app functionality and enables traders to manage their trading strategies from their mobile devices.
    • Understand the wider cryptocurrency retail market, our competition, and retail investor requirements in-depth to develop and deliver new mobile products and features that grow the mobile app’s share of the retail market.
    • Contribute to the development of product and business strategy for the product team and the business as a whole.
    • Research, understand and analyze customer needs and expectations.
    • Own and optimize adoption KPIs for the mobile app.
    • Review and prioritize activities based on business and customer impact.
    • Liaise with the marketing and legal teams to increase awareness of new product and services and lead product launches.
    • Develop industry partnerships and expand our ecosystem of products and services.


    Minimum requirements

    • 2+ years of product management, product marketing and/or product design experience developing fintech or cryptocurrency-focused products.
    • Experience collaborating on strategic product roadmaps; leading development from conception to launch; and working with cross-functional teams to develop consumer-facing products for international markets.
    • BA/MA degree in business, marketing, design, human interaction design, computer science or equivalent working experience.
    • Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects, be a true team-player, influence multiple stakeholders without direct authority, and effectively time-manage and prioritize under pressure.
    • Strong UX skills, and an ability to develop simple, intuitive solutions to complex problems.
    • Deep analytical, prioritization and problem solving skills, with a strong sense of responsibility.
    • Demonstrated passion for cryptocurrency and the financial markets.
    • An entrepreneurial self-starter mindset and the ability to succeed in a dynamic environment.

    Additional preferred qualifications

    • Experience developing financial products, technologies and platforms in the cryptocurrency space.
    • Experience developing products for retail investors, e.g. mobile wallets, social trading, online brokerages, etc.
    • Knowledge of multiple functional areas such as Product Management, Engineering, UX/UI, Sales, Customer Support, Finance or Marketing.
  • Limeade logo

    Employee Experience Program Manager

    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Employee Experience Program Manager

    • Remote

    About us:

    Limeade is an employee experience software company that helps build great places to work. Our platform unifies employee well-being, engagement and inclusion solutions with industry-leading communications capabilities. Recognized for its own award-winning culture, Limeade helps every employee know their company cares.

    We’re committed to creating a purpose-driven, positive and inclusive culture made up of the best and brightest people in the business. And we’ve been honored to receive several prestigious culture awards: Puget Sound Business Journal #1 Best Workplace in Washington, Seattle Business top three Best Companies to Work for in Washington State and Fortune magazine Best Workplace for Women. Limeade is a global company that embraces a distributed workforce and has users in more than 100 countries. Our headquarters are in Bellevue, WA.

    Limeade (LME) went public in December 2019 on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in order to fund growth and preserve control of its culture and destiny.

    About the role:

    Limeade is seeking a Program Manager to create and execute on Employee Experience initiatives that demonstrate care to our employees. Candidates will have experience initiating, driving and delivering people-related projects, possess data analysis skills, are experienced internal communicators and earn trust with employees. You should be passionate about delivering meaningful employee experience programs while delivering continuous improvement based on stakeholder feedback.


    • Create and support employee experience programs for all employees which may include product learning, communications, DEI, manager development and our well-being program
    • Define projects and own end-to-end execution and management
    • Support reporting on people and program related goals; including measuring and analyzing data to understand trends and identify opportunities
    • Partner with the Limeade Institute to create and deliver programs with our POV in mind
    • Have a deep understanding of our product to administer and train others on the usage of the product
    • Partner with the People Team and business leaders to learn about cross-organization initiatives and build support for employees


    • Ability to demonstrate our values in an on-going and consistent way
    • Ability to communicate effectively and establish credibility with stakeholders
    • Demonstrated ability to facilitate sessions
    • 5+ years of experience delivering cross functional projects/programs
    • 5+ years of experience working cross functionally with tech and non-tech teams
    • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal

    Limeade provides equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, genetic information, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. In addition, Limeade will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.

  • FormAssembly logo

    Product Owner

    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Product Owner

    • REMOTE
    • Product
    • Full time


    FormAssembly is growing fast and we are excited to add a Product Owner to help scale our products to the next phase of our growth.


    • Understand business needs at a tactical and a strategic level and then translate those needs into a deep, prioritized and groomed backlog.
    • Define, prioritize and clarify requirements and enhancements and capture them in the form of user stories.
    • Ensure the product backlog is constantly prioritized so our teams deliver maximum business value to our customers.
    • Evaluate information from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts and create actionable epics and/or features.
    • Be the primary product specialist for the engineering team and serve as the key stakeholder of product decisions during planning, grooming and development.
    • Work with Scrum Master to run successful sprint planning and release planning sessions, as well as sprint reviews and retrospectives.
    • Provide flawless communications and coordination between the product organization, engineering and relevant business partners.
    • Responsible for working with internal teams (Marketing, Sales, Partnerships, Customer Success, etc.) to ensure release readiness across the organization.
    • Experience with sprints containing new development alongside bug fixes and understanding when to make tradeoffs between planned work and unplanned work.
    • Comfortable interacting with end users, as well as executive management at any given moment.
    • Continuously improve product delivery.


    • 2+ years experience with Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.).
    • 2+ years experience in quality assurance, business/product analysis, project management, user experience or similar.
    • Highly organized with superb documenting skills.
    • Ability to work on multiple efforts simultaneously, prioritize conflicting demands and set expectations accordingly.
    • Experience at a SaaS company with enterprise products.
    • Experience with Salesforce.com.
    • Experience working in a remote team.
    • Excellent collaborator, negotiator, time manager and verbal/written communicator.

    Bonus Points for:

    • Experience at a SaaS company with enterprise products.
    • Experience with Salesforce.com.
    • Experience working in a remote team.

    About Us:

    • FormAssembly is a 100% remote SaaS company dedicated to helping customers streamline organizational processes and be better stewards of their data and we are looking for key individuals to join our rapidly growing team.
    • Customers like Amazon, PayPal, New York City, Harvard, and thousands of other organizations worldwide rely on FormAssembly to capture the data they need quickly and securely. We have been recognized in the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies, and we are a G2 Crowd Winter 2021 Leader.
    • We’re intelligent, adaptive, and growing rapidly – thanks to our impressive roster of customers.

    Here are some links to give you a peek into what it’s like to work at FormAssembly:

    • Meet our awesome team.
    • Learn how and why we work remotely.

    If you’re a genuinely nice person who is great to work with, respectful, and who will put the team and our customers first, we’d be thrilled to have you apply for this position. FormAssembly is an equal opportunity employer. If you belong to an under-represented group in tech, you’ll find a welcoming culture that thrives on diversity.

    This is a full-time position, open to all locations (working remotely from home).


    FormAssembly offers several benefits that help to facilitate a healthy team, personal growth, and a work-life balance, all of which contribute to creating a more engaged and passionate workforce.

    • Health benefits (health, dental, vision) for team members based in the United States
    • 401(k) with 4% company match
    • 4 weeks paid vacation and 9 company holidays
    • Flexible work schedule
    • Paid parental leave
    • Charitable contribution match
    • Budget for professional development
    • Company provided Mac laptop

    You’ll be joining a talented and fun team, working together to build something great!

  • Tad PGS logo

    Logistics Assistant

    Tad PGS
    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Logistics Assistant

    Job Description

    • Job ID#: 45260
    • Job Category: IT/Technical
    • Position Type: Associate – W2
    • Duration: 6 months

    We have an outstanding Contract position for a Logistics Assistant. This position is 100% remote.

    The selected candidate will provide support in the following: Information Technology Assessment Management (ITAM) and procurement using implementation. The selected candidate will assist in confirming and entering hardware and software asset data.

    Duties and responsibilities may include:

    • Supports management of owned and managed computers through asset attestation verification process
    • Manually creates or modifies IT asset records in ServiceNow
    • Provides expertise in ensuring the accuracy of hardware records in ServiceNow
    • Uses operating manuals, electronic documents, files, and records (shipping accounts, bar-coding, inventory, monthly inventory reporting, electronic delivery logs, incoming shipments, etc.) to properly document activities, provide materials and reliable resource information
    • Assists End-User Service Technicians with computer asset discrepancies in ServiceNow
    • Prepares equipment orders for pickup by Deskside Services Technicians.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the Asset Management team
    • Submits purchase requests for software, hardware, and peripherals on behalf of end-users in response to Service Request tickets in ServiceNow
    • Reviews and completes Service Request tickets in ServiceNow within documented service levels

    Basic Hiring Criteria:

    • High school education or equivalent and 6+ years of related experience.
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Featured Remote Marketing Jobs

  • Defiant, Inc. logo

    Instructional Designer

    Defiant, Inc.
    19 hours ago

    Defiant, Inc. is seeking a proven expert in online education with experience developing online training curriculum as well as evaluation tests. In particular, we're looking for a highly self-motivated and driven instructional designer who shares our vision for improving WordPress security education. You will be empowered and supported to create, edit, and improve online course materials. The ideal candidate is an experienced instructional designer who can author new content and ensure consistent content quality across a wide range of formats. Qualified applicants should have experience creating course curriculum materials including written, audio, and visual including video. You must understand all aspects of the instructional design process from researching and writing new content to updating existing learning materials.Are you excited about working for a technology company that is securing the web? Are you looking for full-time, flexible hours* working remotely from anywhere in the United States? If so, this may be your dream job!

    *Required core hours of 10am - 1pm Pacific TimeRequirements

    • Create quality eLearning course material, including course design documents, course outlines, course descriptions, slides, diagrams, interactive exercises, videos, and assessments.
    • Project manage the course development process through review and updates with stakeholders.
    • Collaborate with subject matter experts to envision and create course material via a variety of media formats.
    • Design assessments and learning activities to assess knowledge transfer.
    • Video script writing and production experience a plus.
    • Manage translations via internal systems where required.
    • Establish achievable goals and measure success.

    Our ideal candidate has:

    • At least 2-5 years experience in developing curriculum, online learning courses, and assessments.
    • Experience in information security education and testing a plus, bonus if you have security industry credentials and experience with industry-leading education and assessment programs.
    • Proven track record of making technical educational and/or instructional content.
    • Working knowledge of WordPress as a current user.
    • Awareness of adult learning principles.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Graphic design principle knowledge and skills.
    • Excellent project management skills.
    • Independent and motivated to handle multiple complex projects and effectively adhere to deadlines and project plans.
    • A lifelong learner mindset

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Fluency in languages other than English.

    Hiring Process

    We review all applications submitted and respond to all candidates usually within a week. All interviews are done remotely with no travel involved.

    All positions require a trial period of approximately 3 weeks with a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week. You will be paid for this short-term contract, and it will be used to evaluate whether both parties want to pursue an ongoing, regular employment relationship.

    All offers of employment are contingent on successful completion of a background check. The results of the background check are considered as they relate to the position and do not automatically disqualify someone from an offer of employment with the company.Benefits

    • Full time telecommuting and flexible working hours, with a company that has always been 100% remote for over 8 years.
    • 100% employee premium and 50% of dependent premium paid by company for premier- level medical, dental, and vision insurance.
    • 21 days PTO per year to start.
    • 12 paid company holidays including the week from December 25 to January 1.
    • 401(k) with a 4% Safe Harbor company match that is 100% vested immediately.
    • Latest in laptop and workstation technology.
    • Wellness reimbursement program for health and fitness purchases.
    • Mobile phone and internet reimbursement up to $100 per month.
    • Monthly beverage reimbursement for coffee, tea, water, etc.
    • Paid training and study time for work-related training and certifications.
    • College tuition reimbursement.

    Diversity at Defiant

    We value diversity and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, physical or mental disability, military or veteran status, gender identity or expression, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology, economic status, parental status, or any other non-performance-related status.

    View Application
  • Luxury Presence logo

    Social Media Specialist

    Luxury Presence
    USA Only
    23 hours ago

    Social Media Specialist

    • REMOTE /

    Are you obsessed with content?

    Do you find yourself going beyond the surface of social posts? Do you appreciate when a brand has a defined voice, authentic to itself and its customers? If this resonates with you, let’s talk. We’re looking for a social media guru and content creator to work with our clients. You’ll spend your days ideating and creating fresh instagram content, helping plan editorial calendars, designing client collateral and executing it all.

    Luxury Presence is a VC-funded Stanford StartX-accelerated startup, building a premium platform to provide real estate agents with stunning websites, world-class marketing tools and services, and access to an exclusive network.

    As a Social Media Specialist, you will work with our team to grow the brands of the world’s most elite real estate agents. You will also increase our reach to attract more agents and help them with our innovative technology solution and high-level service.

    Is this you?

    You’re gifted at:

    • Creating aesthetic, informative and engaging instagram content
    • Understanding clients needs and creating their brand voice around it
    • Staying organized & paying close attention to detail
    • Deadline driven: ability to produce content on quick turnaround times

    You have:

    • 1+ years of experience managing social media for multiple clients
    • Managed a company/organization’s social media platforms
    • An eye for design
    • A hunger to learn about the industry and keep up with trends

    You command:

    • Feedback
    • Thinking outside the box
    • Start-up hustle & teamwork
    • Mondays & project management

    Your opportunities for impact:

    • Creating social media strategies and content for luxury real estate agents
    • Growing our social media client channel
    • Improving and supporting new processes for our social media team
  • Graylog logo

    Global Field and Event Marketing Manager

    USA Only
    1 day ago

    Global Field & Event Marketing Manager


    Graylog is a leading enterprise log management system that enables fast and efficient problem analysis in the areas of security, compliance, operations and DevOps. Our enterprise product enables large organizations to capture, store and analyze terabytes of machine data in near-real time, while our open source project empowers individuals and small teams to perform basic log consolidation, analysis, and search functions at no cost.

    We are a fast growing company with locations in Germany and headquarters in Houston, TX, serving customers all over the world.

    At Graylog, you will find a diverse group of experienced professionals who love to have fun while meeting the needs of customers with the best solution and customer service available!

    Graylog is looking for a Global Field Marketing Manager that will be responsible for supporting the sales team in developing and managing field-based demand generation programs and event campaigns to build awareness, drive and nurture leads, and accelerate opportunities to close. This position will collaborate closely with Graylog’s sales, sales development and campaign marketing teams to plan and execute activities and report to the Director of Demand Generation..

    This is a strategy, as well as an execution role.You will collaborate with key stakeholders to develop agendas and event schedules; ensure plans align with the overarching product roadmaps, business priorities and Graylog’s vision.

    The Field Marketing Manager will develop and implement the marketing strategy to reach, educate, nurture and convert our target audiences – driving high quality leads and opportunities. To be successful, you will need to be creative and dedicated to continually testing, measuring, learning and evolving your event programs as you optimize spend, execute under tight deadlines and deliver desired results.


    • Identifying the right mix of marketing channels, activities and programs to support the achievement of monthly and quarterly pipeline goals across the United States and Europe
    • Understanding customer dynamics across segments including new business, existing customers, large enterprises, SMBs, industries and influencers
    • Work collaboratively with sales to develop account-based marketing strategies and programs for targeted segments
    • Leverage Social Media and Digital Marketing team members to achieve campaign and event goals
    • Build and implement Graylog’s event strategy across industry conferences and Graylog-hosted field events including event themes, managing outside vendors and event contractors, and staffing
    • Select and maintain gift inventory for events, customer onboarding, campaigns, and nurturing activities
    • Maintain direct alignment with sales team in terms of all pre and post event communication, marketing-driven campaigns, and event promotion strategy
    • Collaborate with Sales, Partner Marketing, and Graylog Community Manager to include Partners, Graylog Open users, and Enterprise customers in field & event activities
    • Managing to budget on a quarterly basisEvaluate all campaigns’ impact and ROI to determine the success and forecast for potential future investment


    • Experience planning, executing and optimizing B2B demand generation and enterprise marketing programs
    • Strong at business partnering. You engage with and value partnering closely with cross-functional teams including: sales, channel, operations and the broader marketing organization
    • A proven marketing leader, delivering meaningful results through others, driving focus on achieving collective results through collaboration, teamwork, communication, change/conflict management, problem solving and objective setting.
    • Demonstrated success in campaign management (create plans, manage budgets, schedules, allocate resources, etc.) and teaming cross-functionally.
    • Proven experience defining, conceptualizing and executing a successful event, leveraging strategic thinking, excellent organization skills and superior project management capabilities
    • Exceptional budget management and negotiation skills, with proven success in identifying, proposing, negotiating and implementing cost-savings opportunities
    • Data driven with a passion to analyze metrics
    • Ability to balance managing the big picture along with tactical, detailed execution
    • Strategic problem solver with the ability to diagnose and solve challenges leveraging data and testing
    • Strong project management, time management, and execution skills
    • Exhibit initiative, a sense of teamwork, ability to multitask, and a “can-do” attitude
    • Embodies strong organizational skills, ability to anticipate the needs of salesDemonstrates creative spark as expressed in ideas for messaging, creative design, etc.
    • Proven track record of planning and executing integrated marketing plansOperationally strong and detail oriented with the ability to take actionable insights out of reports and data

    Apply now and you will hear back from us soon.

  • GoDigitalChina AS logo

    Growth Marketer

    GoDigitalChina AS
    1 day ago

    Are you a smart, motivated, growth marketer, seeking to enter a distributed (remote) and fast growing SaaS company as the next step in your career? If so, this might just be the place for you.

    Who we’re looking for:

    • Has 5+ years of digital marketing experience.
    • Has all 3 “must-have skills”, and at least 1 “good to have skills”.
    • Proactive self-starter.
    • Fast learner.
    • Experience in the SaaS industry is a plus.

    Must have skills:

    1. Email marketing (email flow design, execution and optimisation; email copywriting, list building, newsletter writing, etc.)
    2. SEO (keyword optimisation, onpage optimisation, backlink building, etc.)
    3. Copywriting (marketing and sales materials copywriting, etc.)

    Good to have skills:

    1. Social media marketing (running social media accounts, curating content, building followers, follower engagement)
    2. Analytics (conversion tracking, google analytics, hotjar)
    3. China ability (understanding chinese digital ecosystem, experience with digital advertising in China, Chinese language ability)
    4. Video creation (script writing, video creation, video editing)

    What you’ll be doing:

    • Generate inbound leads with email campaigns, social media campaigns, SEO, etc.
    • Push leads down the funnel with email campaigns, webinars, video campaigns, etc.
    • Your work will be measured in the number of leads generated each month, and the advancement of leads in the funnel.
    • You will work in the Growth team, and report to Head of Growth. 


    • Work from anywhere, as long as you can overlap with the main team (CET 8am to 16pm) for 4 hours
    • Competitive salary with bonus ($30k-55k)
    • 2x annual retreats 
    • Full-time (40 hours per week) remote job with contract.
    • Compensated time off based on your location
  • Semaphore logo

    Technical Writer

    1 day ago

    Semaphore, a leading continuous delivery service with a global customer base, is looking for a Technical Writer to join our Marketing team.

    Last year over 2M people have read articles on the Semaphore blog. With your help, we will reach a much bigger audience worldwide.

    Your mission will be to create technical content that educates and informs software engineers about the best practices of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and drives demand for Semaphore.

    As a critical contributor to Semaphore’s growth, your role will be to:

    • Develop a full understanding of Semaphore’s features.
    • Work with the chief editor and project manager in executing a content plan.
    • Create technical content: blog posts, tutorials, contribute to eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, documentation.
    • Collaborate with other content creators: proofread text, verify demos, give feedback, and support each other.
    • Share the content you create on relevant places online.


    • Demonstrated ability to write for developers.
    • Be passionate about helping developers solve real problems.
    • Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable in text and pictures.
    • Working knowledge of open-source programming languages, containers, and cloud platforms.
    • Be highly organized and self-managed, have an excellent work ethic and attention to detail.
    • Be able to work effectively remotely with an international team.

    BenefitsWorking at Semaphore

    • The impact of working on a product that's competing on a global market.
    • Join a small team of around 25 full-time people who love what they do.
    • A healthy 40-hour work week, friendly and supportive work environment.
    • Competitive salary.
    • Company retreats.
    • Space to learn continuously and choose the tools and equipment for your job
    • Paid trips to conferences and books of your choice.
    • Interact with developers that use Semaphore and talk about the latest and greatest way to develop and ship software.
    • Paid membership at a fitness club of your choice

    Semaphore is an equal opportunity employer. Consistent with our mission of serving a diverse and global audience, we value a diverse workforce and inclusive culture which reflects that. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, disability, and veteran status.

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  • Xactly logo

    Business Development Representative

    USA Only
    22 hours ago

    Business Development Representative

    • Location: Remote
    • Function: Sales
    • Position Type: Full time
    • Level: Entry Level

    Xactly Corporation was founded to solve an important challenge: how to help people everywhere connect and unleash their human potential through seamless, perfectly aligned Sales Performance Management. Xactly’s comprehensive Sales Performance Management (SPM) suite leverages data from a sales performance AI platform to provide timely insights across the entire SPM value chain, from sales planning to execution, including compensation to optimization. Xactly takes Sales Performance Management from a dark art to a science, providing decision-makers with the data insights they need to tap the motivational power of their incentive compensation. With access to predictive analytics and benchmark data, enterprises can now optimize territories, design the right compensation and incentive plans and accelerate attainment and optimization of sales performance.


    We are hiring a results-oriented Business Development Representative with lead generation experience to qualify inbound marketing leads and transition viable prospects to assigned Account Executives. Our Business Development Representatives will have internship experience or 6 months-1 year of experience where they will be responsible for building sales pipeline by cold calling.


    Xactly’s Lead Generation team is a tight-knit and growing team, looking to expand and add individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our team’s goal is to support Sales and Marketing’s missions to help drive quality pipeline for the organization.


    • BS/BA internship experience or 6 months-1 year sales experience required
    • Previous cold calling experience preferred
    • Results driven & competitive nature
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with internal/external clients
    • Outstanding time management skills
    • Ability to learn and understand new products and technology
    • Commitment to become a closing SaaS Account Executive required

    Within 1 month you’ll:

    • Get your bearings and begin to build a strong foundation, upon which to grow
    • Build relationships with internal business partners including Marketing and Sales
    • Receive administrative training on how to leverage internal tools including Box, Salesloft, Salesforce etc.
    • Gain a strong understanding of Sales Performance Management space and the business challenges Xactly solves
    • Shadow your Xpert and learn Xactly best practices
    • Complete onboarding training via Xactly Inspire

    Within 3 months you’ll:

    • Have a strong understanding of the business, and begin teaching us a thing or two we don’t know
    • Work with Demand Gen, Managers, Marketing Operations and peers to gain continued learning on product, lead flow and data expansion strategies
    • Continue your education around Xactly’s competitive advantage while continuing to strengthen your business acumen
    • Become an expert on internal tools and processes

    Within 6 months you’ll:

    • Work with outbound SDRs on strategies for pipeline
    • Full gain understanding of our lead flow, engagement impact and marketing penetration
    • Assist in the development of best practices for lead generation
    • Collaborate with your manager for continued learning utilizing Xactly’s Xpert model for success

    Within 12 months you’ll:

    • Within 12-months, you will be seen as a well-versed, trusted business-advisor and expert, making a significant positive impact in Lead Generation
    • Work with sales and marketing to help create new campaigns to drive pipeline
    • Participate in and lead certain onboarding and continuing education programs
    • Report, track, and share productivity measurements with your team
    • Have a complete understanding of the Xactly product suite
    • Identify further personal education opportunities to increase your business and instructional acumen
    • Strive for a Sales Development Representative promotion through continued achievement of quota attainment and exhibiting Xactly’s CARE values

    Is this role not an exact fit for you? Keep an eye on our Careers Page for other positions!

    Benefits and Perks

    • Flexible Time Off (FTO)
    • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage (including pet insurance!)
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • XactlyFit Gym/Fitness Program Reimbursement
    • Kitchen Stocked Daily with Tasty Snacks, Fruit, and Drinks
    • Access to Corporate Discounts
    • Parking & Commuter Benefits
    • Up to (3) Days Paid Leave to Participate in Community & Volunteer Opportunities
    • End of Month Surprises, Contests, BBQs, Parties & Reward Vacations
    • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan & Employer Match
    View Application
  • Hunter Crown logo

    Vice President of Sales

    Hunter Crown
    USA Only
    22 hours ago

    Title: Vice President of Sales

    • Location: FL-Jacksonville or Remote, US

    Our Client a leading global WaterTech company that provides innovative, scalable solutions to toxic algae blooms for all bodies of water. This technology activates a biological chain reaction, at the cellular level, within harmful algae cells and is able to rehabilitate entire lakes within a few short days.We are seeking for a proven Vice President of Sales who is has the experience in bringing new technologies to the market. The Vice President of sales will be responsible for creating an aggressive team focused on growth targeting B2C and B2B. Superior total compensation with the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the country.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    • Develop and execute a cohesive and successful les and marketing strategy for North America.
    • Meet with existing customers to discuss technologies, and products as well as understand their needs.
    • Promote lasting relationships with current customers.
    • Locate new opportunities to expand
    • Network with decision makers, influencers, and purchasers to develop interest and understanding in this technology.
    • Set and meet specific quarterly and annual sales goals.
    • Attend relevant sales conferences.
    • Prepare and present information at company meetings.
    • Lead in-house seminars and workshops – both in-person and virtually.
    • Develop and deploy an emergency response to emergency situation.
    • Prepare an annual budget and meet targets.

    Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Experience and familiarity with the surface water industry.
    • Experience and familiarity with chemical sales programs.
    • Demonstrated B2G sales with proven $100M/Y sales.
    • Exhibit strong interpersonal and customer service skills.
    • Works well under pressure.
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
    • Strong organizational, writing and analytical skills
    • Experience in drafting and executing RFIs, RFPs and participating in Government contracts.


    • BS in Engineering or Natural Sciences (biology, limnology, etc.).
    • MS or MBA in Finance, Business, or Business Administration – preferred.
  • Filestage logo

    Business Development Specialist

    USA Only
    1 day ago

    About us

    At Filestage we believe that broken workflows poison teams with miscommunication, friction, and frustration.

    Our mission isto free teamsfrom chaotic file review and proofing workflows, with a simple, flexible, and effective onlineproofing solution. With everything we do, we lead people towards being happier and more successful at work.

    Over 500 companies(and growing!) all over the world like Lufthansa, Sharp, Chicago Bears, or LG benefit from happier and more productive employees with Filestage.

    Your mission

    We believe that a strong sales team is the backbone of healthy company growth. This is your opportunity to shape the future of our remote company and build your career.

    • You drive the business in our North American market together with a team of highly motivated colleagues. This will give you a direct influence on your and our growth. With good performance there aremany opportunities to take on more responsibility in our fast-growing SaaS company.
    • You actively search for new enterprise customers for us and contact them. Your primary goal is to spark interest in our solution and generate opportunities. Your tools are Linkedin, email, phone and other modern lead generation tools, but most of all your communication skills and your positive nature.
    • You make customers aware of problems and help them realize their full potential. You develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and show them how much they could benefit from a better workflow.
    • You work hand in hand with our Account Executive. You ensure a smooth handover of your opportunities after the initial meeting to your AE and work out new outbound ideas.
    • You are our ear to the market and use your insights to improve our customer approach. You share your insights from the conversations with your team and the Head of Sales and systematically improve your approach.

    You’re good at

    • You have a passion for sales and business development. You love software and technology, and want to move yourself, your customers, and your company forward.
    • You have a track record of success in your personal, sports or work life. Work experience is only secondary for us in this position. Rather, we want to see that you have achieved something in the past and that you have reached your goals. Newcomers are therefore very welcome!
    • Empathy and perseverance are not foreign words for you. You’re great at communicating and getting people excited about something, but also have a natural feeling for the needs of your counterpart.
    • You are curious and have a wide range of interests. You are constantly learning new things and improving yourself.
    • You speak fluent English. Spanish or other languages are a plus.

    This is what you get at Filestage

    • Work from where you are happiest and enjoy a flexible day schedule. We are a fully distributed team, working from different locations, each individual following their personal daily schedule.
    • For this role, you’ll need to be on a timezone +/- 2 hours of US time zones
    • Take part in extraordinary retreats. We all travel together at least once a year (in normal times) at our team retreat to have fun and get to know each other.
    • Work with teammates across the world. At Filestage, you broaden your horizons and build relationships with teammates around the world.
    • We build and maintain a strong team culture. Our working culture is based on our three core values: We are keen to learn, We take ownership and We play fair.
    • Your opinion matters. We trust our team members to make the best decisions to achieve their goals. We don’t micromanage.
    • Are you tired of useless meetings and slow decision-making? We have flat hierarchies, no bullshit meetings, and fast iterations.

    👉 How to apply?

    Please apply via this online form. We read every application and are happy if you invest time in a meaningful application and show us that you are a good fit for us.

    Our team is looking forward to getting to know you!✌

    Location: Americas +/- 2 hours of US time zones

  • Karat logo

    Customer Success Operations Manager

    USA Only
    1 day ago

    Customer Success Operations Manager

    • Location: Remote (U.S. Only)

    Great interviews are engineered. Come help Karat make every interview predictive, fair and enjoyable.

    The status quo for technical interviewing doesn’t meet the needs of candidates or hiring companies. Haphazard interview experiences, subjective evaluations, and lack of capacity and expertise mean too many companies miss their hiring goals and miss out on great software engineers. At Karat, it’s our mission to create better outcomes for companies and candidates by making every interview predictive, fair, and enjoyable.

    Karat conducts first-round technical interviews on behalf of companies including Indeed, Atlassian, Intuit, Peloton, The New York Times and Wayfair. We do this through a community of Interview Engineers who are equipped with Karat’s interviewing platform, battle-tested questions, and data-informed best practices.

    The result is highly predictive and fair interviews at scale that candidates truly enjoy. Karat has amassed the largest and most robust dataset of structured interview intelligence to produce never-before-seen hiring analytics.

    As the world continues to transition to virtual work, and the fairness of hiring practices in the tech industry come under greater scrutiny, Karat is uniquely positioned to be a valuable, strategic partner as companies transition to 100% remote hiring.

    Founded in 2014, Karat is a privately held and venture-funded company based in Seattle.

    Customer Success at Karat

    Our Customer Success team is responsible for building and maintaining highly strategic partnerships with clients. We partner with key client stakeholders to ensure they get the most out of the Karat product.

    As our Customer Success Operations Manager, you will be influential in how we scale our services by managing the tooling, reporting, and processes used by our internal teams. You will form trusted and deeply consultative partnerships with internal stakeholders by delivering measurable value through data and insights. Working alongside many internal teams, you will be a key player in iterating and evolving our approach we take with our accounts to ensure their success.

    Karat’s HQ is based in Seattle, Washington, but we are open to remote candidates for this role (within the U.S.). Please be advised that to best align with our current Client Services team and other key stakeholders, you will need to be available between 9:00 am PT and 4:00 pm PT.

    Core Responsibilities

    • Design and launch dashboards, processes, workflows, and automations that drive internal efficiencies, up-level the effectiveness of our Client Services team, and deliver greater value to our customers.
    • Oversee various internal processes from ideation to execution, including requirements-gathering, design, build, measurement, and iteration.
    • Define KPIs and produce regularly cadenced reports (weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly) to the business.
    • Optimize reporting in order to deliver quantitative and qualitative results on account portfolio health, upsell velocity, SLAs, churn, upsell, etc.
    • Work closely with the Client Services team to proactively and regularly identify current challenges that require operational solutions.
    • Partner with marketing and sales to execute strategic business initiatives, with the goal of helping Client Services and Solutions Engineering achieve operational excellence.
    • Develop training materials in order to support operational excellence within the Client Services function.
    • Identify process gaps and key improvement areas, outlining action plans to address and surface strategic insights for Karat leadership.

    About you

    • 5+ years experience in a customer success, client services, sales strategy, and/or customer operations role at a technology company, with previous experience designing processes and automations.
    • Experience designing solutions with Salesforce, Gainsight, Zendesk and/or other similar systems.
    • Strong business acumen demonstrated through previous experience implementing, maintaining, and enhancing business processes.
    • Previous professional experience overseeing big picture projects with competitive deadlines.
    • Strong, concise written and verbal communication skills.

    Benefits of joining Karat

    • While doing meaningful work is rewarding in itself, we also offer the following programs and benefits for all our full-time employees:
      • Competitive salary and benefits
      • Medical / dental / vision insurance
      • Flexible vacation and paid company holidays
      • Paid parental leave
      • State-of-the-art equipment for your work station
  • ActivTrak logo

    Sales Engineer

    USA Only
    2 days ago

    Sales Engineer

    • REMOTE
    • Sales
    • Austin, Texas, United States


    About ActivTrak:

    The sudden rise in new remote work models has triggered an increase in the adoption of collaboration tools, an acceleration of digital transformations, and the need for visibility into how work gets done. Legacy metrics for assessing productivity in the workplace alone, are no longer sufficient for making the right business decisions in today’s reality. Companies must redefine their tech stack and data-driven dashboards to gain insights into how to inspire employees, boost team efficiency and promote positive outcomes– all while building a culture based on trust and transparency. Redefining the measurement of performance in the workplace is one of the most important things an organization can do to modernize their workplace. And at ActivTrak, we’re taking on this challenge.

    ActivTrak is a product-led, innovative software company that introduced it’s award-winning workforce analytics platform in 2015. Our cloud-based platform provides productivity insights into how teams work, improving employee and customer experience, while also enabling better business outcomes. At ActivTrak, we recognize the powerful link between these two concepts and we’re on a mission to understand it more every day. Alongside 8500+ paying customers, our team uses the platform internally to assess team and organizational performance, hone product features, develop best practices, streamline processes, invest in new innovations, and promote a culture of immediate feedback and transparency.

    We are a fast-growing, agile company with a forward-thinking, inclusive culture. Our teams are encouraged to collaborate daily to solve challenges, create and champion new ideas, and execute initiatives that help global customers and their modern workforces succeed by working better together. We’ve grown our team to over 100 people, raised over 70M money from some of the best venture capital firms around like Sapphire Ventures and Elsewhere Partners, and have experienced triple-digit growth with ARR in eight figures. Customers love our product—with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars across 800+ online reviews.


    What you will do:

    As a Sales Engineer, you play a vital role in ActivTrak’s new sales and expansion efforts in 2021.

    • Sales Engineer responsibilities include managing the technical relationship between ActivTrak and active prospects.
    • As a trusted advisor, the SE will manage the technical success of these accounts by leveraging their technical and product knowledge to guide customers in the successful deployment and use of ActivTrak products, including throughout the trial process.
    • Successful candidates will have an excellent technical and software foundation, as well as account management experience.

    Your experience:

    • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills
    • Passionate about building phone-based sales skills
    • Troubleshooting veracity and the ability to find solutions to customer problems
    • An unwillingness to compromise, grit to stay with an issue until it’s resolved
    • Ability to accurately update customer records and activity within SFD


    Work environment:

    • Position is remote within US
    • Minimal travel
    • Limited physical demands

    We have seven foundational values that are core to who we are and how we work:

    • Customer-focused: Our customers are the lifeblood of the business
    • Respectful: Treat everyone with respect, decency and kindness
    • Innovative: Be bold; experiment and learn/fail fast
    • Data-driven: Measure what matters most
    • Open and direct: Engage is open and direct dialogue across teams
    • Accountable: Be accountable to each other, our customers, our partners and yourself.
    • Execution-oriented: We value the spirit of debate, new ideas and fast decision-making

    This is an incredible opportunity to embark on an exciting journey with an early-stage, dynamic VC-backed company. If you have a positive attitude towards urgency, risk, and challenges that comes with working in a startup environment, then you will be a great fit!

    ActivTrak is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. ActivTrak does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, protected veteran status, gender identity or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. #LI-REMOTE

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