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A showcase of some of the best data scientist resume samples and examples on Standard Resume. Use these diverse, real-world resume examples for inspiration and to help you write a great resume that highlights your experience and qualifications.

Machine Learning Engineer

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Philip Spanoudes

Machine Learning Engineer
San Francisco, California
Data Scientist with a specialization in the design and implementation of deep/machine learning algorithms. Industry experience in: predictive modeling, optimization problems and simulations.

Work Experience

Square Inc.

Data Scientist

May, 2016 - Current

Part of the initial Square Capital Data Science team that was tasked with the continual optimization of all lending product design, marketing strategies and servicing techniques.

  • Improved the internal rate of return (IRR) forecasting model for the Capital Flex product.
  • Designed and implemented a product simulation framework that is used to evaluate the effects of model swaps and loan facilitation methodology alterations.
  • Designed and implemented a heuristic optimization framework for product eligibility that searches for optimum threshold configurations based on expected loss and volume.
  • Designed and implemented an email servicing model for automated solution suggestions to email inquiries.
  • Improved the pre-existing loss forecasting model for the Capital Flex loan product.
  • Designed and implemented an account servicing model that is used to identify high risk customers.
  • Designed and implemented a Capital acceptance model for the marketing team that uses merchant event patterns to determine the probability of product acceptance.
  • Created and was responsible for the team's model hosting framework and development environment.

Framed Data

Data Scientist

Nov, 2015 - Apr, 2016

Hired as Framed Data's principal research scientist with the sole task of improving the company's churn prediction algorithms for each customer.

  • Researched and implemented a novel machine learning pipeline for arbitrary customer churn prediction.
  • Invented a generalized data representation architecture that can be applied on different raw event company data.
  • Implemented a state-of-the-art Deep Learning architecture that effectively decomposed complex user event patterns and ultimately increased prediction accuracies.

Flight Data Services

Data Science Intern

May, 2014 - Aug, 2014

Summer Data Science internship which helped in the uncovering of interesting patterns in flight sensory data to help with our flight operation quality assurance reporting to customers.

  • Applied statistical analysis, machine learning and data mining techniques on vast amounts of flight sensory data.
  • Identified patterns and interesting associations between combinations of flight data variables.
  • Designed and generated visualizations that helped with the interpretation and explanation of the identified patterns within the FOQA product.

NCR Corporation

Software Developer

Jun, 2012 - Aug, 2013

One year placement at NCR (EMEA HQ) as part of the BSc. (Hons) Sofware Engineering course at the University of Portsmouth.

  • Developed parts of the system that are currently being used by the Inland Revenue Department in Cyprus.
  • Experienced different development life-cycles including Agile methodologies.
  • Performed extensive Testing and produced Product Manuals for audiences of various technical knowledge.


Lancaster University (UK)

Master of Science in Data Science Distinction

Sep, 2014 - Nov, 2015

Best Overall Student Performance Award: Prestigious award in recognition for best student performance across all degree modules.

University of Portsmouth (UK)

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering First Class Honours

Sep, 2010 - May, 2014


Attention Fusion Networks: Combining Behavior and E-mail Content to Improve Customer Support


Jun, 2018 - Nov, 2018

Research conducted at Square Capital for the purpose of automatically suggesting solutions to customer email inquiries. The research yielded a novel deep learning architecture that combines two disparate data sources when estimating its predictions.

Deep Learning in Customer Churn Prediction: Unsupervised Feature Learning on Abstract, Company Independent Vectors


Jun, 2015 - Aug, 2015

Initial research performed for Framed Data as part of the MSc Data Science Degree dissertation at Lancaster University. The research work conducted proved that Deep Learning can be successfully applied in the field of customer churn prediction by yielding better prediction results while also bypassing the tedious feature engineering phase in a traditional machine learning pipeline.


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • Apache Spark
  • C#
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Software Developer & Data Scientist

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Alexis Mattos-Vabre

Software Developer & Data Scientist
San Francisco, CA
I've always been a builder and analyst of systems, abstract or concrete. I currently am advancing my education in the direction of machine learning and artificial intelligence. With a solid basis in web programming and software architecture, I'm also a highly motivated, curious, innovative and results-oriented individual seeking a full-time position in a company where hybrid career types are valued.

Work Experience

Articulate Research

Data Science & Data Visualization Consultant

Feb, 2016 - Current
  • Used Caffe, Theano (Keras), Lasagne, scikit-learn, TensorFlow and custom algorithms to complete projects.
  • Used libraries/tools such as D3 and Processing to create data visualizations
  • Research in current social problems using public data (Basic Income & Poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area, Time-Banking)
  • Policy development through data analysis and predictive analytics


Data Product Architect & Software Engineer

Jan, 2016 - Current
  • Created new rental reservation system in Django/Python with a fully integrated CMS, analytics and data visualization.
  • Implemented the use of Docker and MicroServices.
  • Managed and created sprints in SCRUM methodology.
  • Created migration plan for legacy PHP system to new Django stack.


Creative Technology Consulting

Jun, 2008 - Current

Web, marketing, and communications consulting as well as development, design, and UX design.

  • Clients include: Chanel, LVMH, Au Feminin, Le Manoir de Paris, Barbara Bui, FITC, Circus Automatic, Sensoree

Circus Automatic

Technical Director

Jun, 2014 - Aug, 2016
  • Networked wall of 45 LCD screens using Raspberry PIs and software in python
  • Managed and developed code base for robotics development

MediaPilote Paris

Technical Director

Mar, 2010 - Mar, 2011
  • Advise and develop technical strategies for web and HCI projects
  • Develop custom modules for the branded CMS using php, ajax, and css.
  • Integrate creative and technical concepts, and advise on technical feasibility and cost.


Full-stack web developer

Dec, 2007 - Jun, 2008
  • Created Modules in PHP and AJAX primarily to extend OScommerce.
  • Maintained the webstore and servers for LOLLIPOPS, a webshop with an international presence (with over 100 physical boutiques worldwide)


University of California, Santa Cruz

BFA Fine Arts

Sep, 2000 - May, 2005

General Assembly

Certificate Data Science

Feb, 2016 - May, 2016


Nanodegree Machine Learning

Jul, 2016 - Current

I'm currently pursuing a certificate program in Machine Learning and participating in the Beta version of the Self-driving car programming nanodegree


  • predictive analytics
  • statistical analysis
  • python
  • algorithm development
  • php
  • data visualisation
  • splunk
  • ux design
  • scikit-learn
  • keras
  • caffe
  • data visualization
  • data analytics
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