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Tired of poorly written or obviously fake resume examples? Here are the Engineering Manager resumes that impressed recruiters and got our customers hired. Use them as inspiration while writing your resume and picking a resume template.

Engineering Manager at Apple

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Dersheet Mehta

Systems Manager, Technologist, Strategist
Chatsworth, CA
Passionate and experienced technologist designing revolutionary entertainment and telephony technologies. Designing both DSP and ML approaches for unique user experiences for multiple wireless platforms.

Work Experience


Engineering Manager

Aug 2014 - Current

Hardware systems manager with broad experience and knowledge of electrical engineering, audio technologies, and system integration. Building and integrating broad portfolio of technologies. Hand’s on focus for agile execution from concept to shelf.

Beats By Dre

Sr. Program Manager Beats Audio

Sep 2013 - Aug 2014

Managed team that designed, integrated, and licensed Beats Audio technologies. Engagements include partnerships in mobile, automotive, and personal computing on all major platforms. Cultivated and managed opportunities with partners for new revenue opportunities.

Beats By Dre

Program Manager

Sep 2012 - Mar 2013

Built BeatsAudio licensing program and team to ship over 20 million products from mobile to automotive.

DTS Inc.

Business Development Manager, Technical

Feb 2009 - Feb 2004

Responsible for the successful development and launch of DTS licensed products, encoders / decoders and post processing from concept to consumer. Worked with major brands both locally and internationally.


California State University Northridge

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering

Sep 2000 - May 2004

Electrical Engineering Degree with an emphasis in Digital Signal Processing, and Bio-Medical Engineering.


  • Python
  • Numpy / Pandas / Scipy
  • Matlab
  • OSX / Linux / Unix
  • Bash 

  • Keynote
  • Office
  • Audio Precision
  • Team Management and Leadership
  • Sandler Training
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Founder & Engineering Manager

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Jon Sakas

Software Engineer & Technology Leader
Denver, Colorado
Charismatic, positive team leader and forward-thinking developer with marketing knowledge. Balances a broad range of technical capabilities and insights with authentic consumer understanding and creative approaches to marketing problems.

Work Experience


Principal Software Engineer

Feb 2022 - Current
  • Work together with various teams across the organization to enhance the coordination of development activities for several web applications.
  • Partner with the product and design teams to brainstorm, create prototypes, and develop functionalities for the main conversational marketing product.
  • Ensure the delivery of product features that adhere to high standards of code quality, are well-tested, and thoroughly documented.
  • Oversee and improve the tools for web architecture, including mono-repositories and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Write technical documentation by following the internal Request for Comments (RFC) procedure.
  • Lead the Web Guild, a team of 5 developers, and represent the web team on the Architecture Guild, contributing to strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Guest House


Feb 2021 - Feb 2022
  • Responsible for the end to end delivery and maintenance of web apps and product infrastructure
  • Work directly with marketing, operations, and design teams to ensure products meet business demands
  • Architect and oversee software development, infrastructure, quality control, and developer operations
  • Budget, evaluate, and onboard new technology solutions for internal use
  • Hire, train, and manage team of full-stack software engineers
  • Mentor and grow talent as a software leader



2019 - Current

Building high performance, accessible, beautiful websites and web apps.


Engineering Manager

2018 - 2019
  • Managed team of 9 full stack software engineers.
  • Led development for the completion of new product initiatives.
  • Ran all agile ceremonies including planning, backlog maintenance, sprint review, and daily standup.
  • Regular codebase contributions alongside leadership duties


Senior Software Engineer

2014 - 2018
  • Lead maintainer for flagship e-commerce product which serves over 5 million users.
  • Built frontend component library (Beatport UI) which currently powers 5 production applications.
  • Architected and deployed Content Management System for internal and external parties.

Digital Evolution Group

UI Engineer

2014 - 2014
  • Created mobile optimized front-end applications for web and email.
  • Work with strategic and creative teams to produce content that was both user-friendly and forward thinking to maximize campaign success.
  • Collaborated with marketing managers to brainstorm impactful campaigns
  • Creatively matched marketing goals with appropriate technical plans

Merkle, Inc.

Solution Developer

2010 - 2014

Led a team of developers and worked alongside marketing managers to come up with and execute mobile optimized, device-driven marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands.

  • Technical lead for a team of 10 developers
  • Collaborated with marketing managers to brainstorm impactful campaigns
  • Creatively matched marketing goals with appropriate technical plans
  • Developed and maintained a proprietary web application for internal use

Web Development, Graphic Design

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • PostCSS
  • CSS-in-JS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • Backbone
  • jQuery
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • REST
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch

Computer Programming, Database

  • Next.JS
  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Node
  • Express
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • PostgresQL
  • GraphQL
  • NoSQL
  • Linux
  • Shell
  • Bash
  • Docker
  • Compose
  • Vagrant
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • Firebase

Workflow, Productivity

  • Test-Driven Development
  • Continous Integration & Delivery
  • Git
  • Agile
  • Kanban

Marketing, CRM, Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Twilio
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)
  • SendGrid
  • Segment
  • Looker
Founder & Engineering Manager resume template sample made with Standard Resume

Sr. Manager, Development

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Phil Miller

I build teams and software.
Hamilton, Ontario
Technical leader in the startup and enterprise space who is passionate about: culture, performance, accessibility, and process improvement.

Work Experience


Sr. Manager, Development

Jun 2018 - Jan 2020

I managed engineering teams responsible for our client experiences, including our Cloud and Marketplace UI, as well as our public API and CLI.


Director, Web Engineering / Front-End Development Lead

Nov 2015 - Sep 2017

I scaled the web team as it became our most popular customer platform. Over the course of this, I oversaw the transition of our codebase(s) to a modern component based architecture to allow better sync with the design team. I managed the QA team and worked to formalize our agile process and decrease cycle time. I created the first formal internship program and supervised the first cohort.


Manager, DevOps

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015

My primary focus was improving release automation, monitoring, alerting, and modernizing infrastructure.


Manager, UI Development

Oct 2013 - Jul 2015

I built out a formal UI team and developed frontend coding standards. I lead the charge to roll out New Relic to effectively measure and monitor application performance. I helped to improve development process by transitioning from legacy source control to git and increased adoption of other complementary tools.


Director of Software Development

Mar 2013 - Sep 2013

I oversaw development of the MVP for mobile apps (Android, iOS), Desktop site, API, and admin (fullstack PHP). This included managing both full-time and contract resouces on premises and remotely. I worked directly with the CTO to manage timelines and resourcing. They were later (June 2014) acquired by Groupon.


Software Developer

Nov 2011 - Feb 2013

I was hired as a frontend developer but ended up being fullstack out of necessity. I eventually became the HRIS expert and was part of our largest implementations. I was an original member of the team responsible for Achievers Tech talks, which has become one of the larger tech meetups in Toronto. Achievers taught me the importance of employee recognition and company culture.

IA Clarington

Web Specialist, Marketing

Aug 2009 - Nov 2011

I was responsible for the implementation and analysis of client facing email campaigns, surveys, AdWords, and SEO. I was part of the team responsible for the site redesign, including a new CMS.


McMaster University

Computer Engineering & Managment / Mathematical Science

Sep 2003 - Apr 2007

Brockville Collegiate Institute

1998 - 2003


  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • javascript
  • react.js
  • vue.js
  • node.js
  • web performance
  • agile development
  • atlassian suite
  • accessibility
  • devops
  • php
  • new relic
  • user interface
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Engineering Leader

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Providence, RI

Mike Douglas, Engineering Leader

I’m a technical people leader with a passion for building teams that make awesome things.

Work Experience

Nov 2021 - Current

Dropbox, Inc, Engineering Manager

Nov 2021 - Current
Sep 2019 - Oct 2021

Tokio Marine HCC / InsureMyTrip, Engineering Manager

Sep 2019 - Oct 2021

Led the Engineering and QA department consisting of 13 people working across three teams on website, online insurance products, and API development.

  • Lead product and engineering project on global expansion initiative
  • Collaborated with marketing, insurance product, and leadership to maintain and evolve the primary insurance eCommerce platform
  • Lead the Software Engineering and QA team of 13 people
  • Hired, coached, and promoted software and QA engineers
  • Built career path framework and mentored junior, senior, and lead engineers
  • Built three-year technical roadmap in alignment with team and company direction
Mar 2019 - Aug 2019 / AWS / Elastic Filesystem, Software Development Manager

Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

Worked as a Software Development Manager on Elastic File System (EFS), AWS's massively scalable elastic network block storage solution. Lead an internal team of software and system engineers focused on operational excellence within the EFS group. Built tools and processes to maintain the highly available, highly durable storage system for a global customer-base.

  • Lead an engineering and systems team of 5 people
  • Built a team roadmap outlining a multi-year vision of deliverables aligned with organizational goals
  • Lead organization-wide discussions around operational issues and tooling improvements
  • Coordinated initiatives across teams at AWS and within EFS around security, compliance, and operational safety
  • Worked closely with Product teams to measure and align operational goals with feature and product goals
Mar 2017 - Feb 2019

InVision, Engineering Manager

Mar 2017 - Feb 2019

As a manager in the product engineering side part of the organization, I worked closely with Product and Design peers to build features and engineer the next generation of the InVision platform. I supported the org's rapid growth by hiring new engineers and managers, and leveling up members of my team.

  • Lead a distributed engineering team of 5 people
  • Coached engineers individually, providing regular feedback and aligning individual skills and growth areas with company needs and trajectory
  • Coordinated cross-team projects around security, operational readiness, and product features
  • Worked closely with Product and Design to plan and timeline core features
  • Developed the team’s proficiency in project management, operational excellence, and technical mastery
  • Built new teams by hiring and onboarding engineers and other managers
  • Facilitated architecture discussions, process improvements, planning, and other agile rituals
  • Coordinated with leadership to define strategy and roadmap features and improvements
Sep 2015 - Mar 2017

NPR, Software Development Manager

Sep 2015 - Mar 2017

I worked on the digital content side of the NPR network, focusing on member stations and their content creation tools. In this position I coordinated with station support, product focused people, and others from NPR Digital to deliver tools and features that brought stations into the NPR network and gave them the ability to publish their own content and measure their audience engagement.

  • Lead an engineering team of 9 people
  • Maintained web content delivery products, analytics tools, and reporting systems used by NPR member stations (station CMS, NPR One, NPR News)
  • Built release schedules and quality measures focused on delivering measurable value to station stakeholders
  • Coordinated with other NPR engineering teams on many features that brought station users into the nationwide network
  • Hired and onboarded engineers
  • Worked closely with operations team on Ansible-based deployment for products in production and local environments
Aug 2013 - Sep 2015

InsureMyTrip, Software Development Manager

Aug 2013 - Sep 2015

Managed the team of software developers and testers maintaining the namesake eCommerce platform and business partner platforms in the industry. Grew the team into 12 engineers through hiring, training opportunities, team building and skill development. Interfaced with product, agile, and customer care teams to ship new products, platform redesigns, and new partners.

Managed a team of data analysts and rolled out a business intelligence tool with smart reporting and analytics used to guide product decisions and understand sale trends. Trained members on SQL, scripting, and coordinated with vendors on rollouts and product training.

  • Lead an engineering and QA team of 10 people
  • Ran the team that maintained the flagship direct-to-consumer web application, white label partner web applications, and internal admin tools
  • Hired and recruited engineers, QA engineers, and data scientists
  • Implemented engineering best practices like code reviews, testing processes and quality standards, and documentation policies
  • Lead team-building and skill building activities: book clubs, lunch and learns
  • Facilitated strategic discussions, architecture planning and technical direction
  • Worked closely with operations to develop an internal environment provisioning and deployment system for testing large features in isolated on-demand environments (like an internal AWS)
  • Lead a team of data analysts and scientists
  • Deployed a BI platform and lead technical direction to aid financial and analytics reporting
Dec 2009 - Aug 2013

InsureMyTrip, Web Application Developer

Dec 2009 - Aug 2013

Software engineering on the flagship eCommerce platform as well as partner sites and products in the travel insurance industry, while still supporting a legacy platform. Worked closely as an architect on many new initiatives including the development of an early MVC framework, and a framework for defining insurance products and rules using a custom DSL and rule-running engine.

Apr 2008 - Feb 2010

IT Consultant, Freelance

Apr 2008 - Feb 2010

Various IT gigs in schools and educational settings centered around network administration, server maintenance, and web development.

Jul 2008 - Dec 2009

EASTCONN, Web Application Developer

Jul 2008 - Dec 2009

Primarily responsible for the development, deployment, and training of data collection and reporting systems for K-12 environments. Built charting and data analysis tools for educators to assess student achievement, surface areas of intervention, and track longitudinal standards-based scores. Also worked as a consultant for school districts in ETL-related tasks for yearly submission of students' standards-based scores to the Department of Education.

Mar 2002 - Jul 2008

LEARN, Manager of Computer Operations and Development

Mar 2002 - Jul 2008

Worked as a system administrator for the two main offices and three satellite offices (schools), maintaining network equipment, servers, and client deployments. Played an active role in two building projects for magnet schools, building and supporting the network infrastructure which included video distribution, wireless networks, and desktop/laptop deployment of 500+ clients. Built internal web-based tools for tracking issues and time-tracking for consulting work done in school districts.


  • Leadership
  • Technical and product roadmaps and strategy
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Linux/Unix
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Golang
  • Certified Agile Scrum Master
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Engineering Manager

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Yuvaraja Balamurugan

Engineering Manager | MBA Candidate at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Class of 2023)
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
A technical leader with eight years of experience designing, planning, and implementing web applications at scale. Skilled in Ruby on Rails, Typescript, Kubernetes, Node, Kotlin, and React Native. Passionate about building and improving the Engineering Culture and Diversity.

Work Experience

Engineering Manager

Clark Germany

Jan 2020 - Current
  • Conducting 1-on-1s on a regular basis and providing feedback for the team. Constantly mentoring and developing team members to be a better version of themselves.
  • Building the team Roadmap and translating it into engineering goals for the team and communicating with the stakeholders. Delivering features for the business by closely working with the PMs, QA, and Design.
  • Anticipating, Flagging, and resolving blockers within and outside the team.
  • Proactively hiring balanced talent.

Senior Frontend Developer

Jun 2019 - Dec 2019
  • Improved the frontend build pipeline for the multiple white-labeled customers that we were working with.

Freelance Software Developer

Self Employed (Web Development)

Mar 2017 - May 2019
  • Helped various clients with building their MVPs as well as Revenue Generating products to scale up.
  • Helped a startup migrate from a monolith to a SPA (Ember.js) and API backend (Rails) while adding features / fixing modeling along the way.
  • Managing my features end-to-end from modeling till the deployment phase.

Product Developer

Dec 2014 - Feb 2017
  • Owners multiple major features for the application like Social Authentication, Integrating WYSIWYG Editor into the Application etc.
  • Championed for implementing TDD approach to the entire Rails backend.
  • Contributed to multiple Open Source projects including Ember.js and Ember Simple Auth.

Web Developer


Jun 2013 - Nov 2014
  • Own the whole project and deliver it from end-to-end. Some of the notable projects are a Student-Mentor connecting app, a Payroll application called Quickchex.
  • Lead a team of two members in a Fintech startup called KADU Collect based in Columbia


Master of Business Administration - MBA

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Oct 2021 - Jun 2023

Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Information Technology

College of Engineering, Guindy

Jun 2009 - May 2013
Engineering Manager resume template sample made with Standard Resume

Engineering Manager

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Gabriel Chaney

Human-first software engineer and leader
Phoenix, AZ
Technology is a tool to connect the humans building it (development teams) with the humans using it (users/customers). I love to help, lead, and build in that space.

Work Experience


Engineering Manager

2016 - Current

I assumed a manager role in August. I have the privilege of empowering a growing number of engineers in a new office through many technical and cultural changes. I also helped lead the team to ship APIs and products critical in the first year of acquisition.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, Redis, Sentry, Papertrail, Codeship, Bitrise, Swift, React Native, Phoenix/Elixir

  • Designed and shipped an alpha and private beta of a new mobile product in the first year of acquisition
  • Lead 3 teams to adopt Scrum with great success
  • Created plan to deliver first Phoenix/Elixir API and drove plan to completion
  • Counseled a lead engineer through rallying a team to tackle some significant scaling issues
  • Played a pivotal role in doubling the total team size in the first year of acquistion

Giftcard Zen

Lead Developer

2014 - 2016

I transitioned from years of experience in a .NET enterprise environment to a Rails startup environment. I was able to apply many design principles I learned at NCARB (DDD, distributed system design, etc.) to guide a small team towards a microservices architecture and a continuous delivery pipeline. We were able to ship the features, survive the DDoS attacks, and be a fun united team to be acquired by RetailMenot in April 2016.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, Redis, NewRelic, Sentry, Papertrail, Codeship

  • Built the foundation for the continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • Shepherded architecture from monoliths towards microservices
  • Drove use of pub/sub with including an in-house developed open source project foundational in our architecture
  • Helped develop a scaleable interview process to build the core team
  • Developed and presented technical documentation for RetailMeNot acquisition due-diligence team

InfernoRed Technologies

Software Developer

2013 - 2014

I helped a new consulting firm build and improve software for their clients. I played a key role in answering one client's performance questions about their SaaS web application as well as contributed to web and mobile applications. This was a remote position that also included visiting client sites.

Technologies: C#, Entity Framework Code-First, Visual Studio load testing

  • Built a heavily customized load test suite for testing a multi-tenant app
  • Presented performance analysis and recommendations to the client VP and leads
  • Contributed to development efforts on a Windows Store app

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Software Engineer

2011 - 2013

I joined a newly forming team to upgrade this not-for-profit's legacy .NET applications to next-gen .NET applications. This is where I was introduced to methodologies like Scrum, Domain-Driven Design and distributed systems design. I took classes from Eric Evans (Domain-Driven Design author) and Udi Dahan (NServiceBus author).

Technologies: C#, Unity 2.0, Fluent NHibernate, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC4, Backbone.js

  • Built JavaScript and CSS infrastructure for the new flagship web application
  • Facilitated collaboration between between third-party UX team and the development team
  • Promoted the use of Backbone.js to the development team
  • Recommend a better solution for the new evaluation report which resulted in a different feature roadmap

Lockheed Martin

Software Engineer

2007 - 2011

This is where I started learning about the corporate world and about working with stakeholders. I devoured web technologies and learning C# in this time as well. I taught myself jQuery and making AJAX requests for the first time. I also worked remotely for the first time here.

Technologies: C#, Fluent NHibernate, Oracle 10g, ASP.NET WebForms, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java

  • Drove changes to replace the use of stored procedures with ORM
  • Championed jQuery to the team to meet a customer request for web UI performance improvements
  • Added client web service requests to external systems which decreased HR analyst processing time from three weeks to less than two weeks
  • Integrated with a Netconf API to configure Cisco routers

Harmony House

Web Developer & Salesman

1998 - 2007

This is where I built my first web application while I was working on my CS degree (awww). I introduced myself to CSS, HTML, PHP, and MVC through this creative process. I had so much fun learning and building.

Technologies: CakePHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML

  • Set-up local are network and point-of-sale system
  • Increased piano sales by 47% from 2002-2005 by building custom e-commerce and CMS application
  • Sold guitars


Arizona State University

BS E Computer Systems Engineering

2007 - 2004
Engineering Manager resume template sample made with Standard Resume

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Here are some skills that are commonly included in engineering manager job postings on our remote job board.

Methodologies & Techniques
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Microservices
General Skills
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Mentoring
  • j2ee
  • Problem solving
  • Automation

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